Where the Streets Have no Name – U2


This patch is designed to sound like The Edge’s guitar tone in U2’s “Where the Streets Have no Name”

What you get
IR version using 3 Sigma Audio Impulse Responses (sold separately)
CAB version using stock Helix cabs
IR User Guide


This patch is built around a Vox AC 30 style amp and designed to sound like The Edge’s tone in U2’s “Where the Streets Have no Name”. You can watch the making of this tone here How to get the “Where the Streets Have no Name” Tone with Line 6 Helix

This patch uses a 3 Sigma Audio IR from their Marsh 196AH pack (sold separately).

You will receive a patch using the IR’s as well as a patch using stock Helix Cabs, so that even if you don’t purchase the IR’s from 3 Sigma Audio you will still have a tone that is close to the record. Below is a video showing play throughs of each patch so you can hear what they sound like before buying. No post processing was used for these recordings.

Signal chain: Fender Highway One Strat (with Bare Knuckle Irish Tour PUs) >> UAD Arrow >> Helix Native

Please note: The tones built with the stock Cabs are not as close to the tone on the record as the tones using the Impulse Responses.

You will receive a download link via email once you order and payment has been completed. Please ensure you enter a valid email address so that you can get your patch(es).

* Due to the nature of digital products, all sales are final and refunds will be unavailable.