Need guitars recording for your song or project? Maybe you just need some simple acoustics or maybe you want an all out, face melting rock solo? Whatever you need get in touch now. Just fill in the form below and send me a message with all the details of your project for a quote. I can’t wait to work with you!

Why use me…

  • Multiple guitar parts
  • Alternative takes
  • Real valve (tube) amps through real guitar cabs or top of the line modellers … or both!
  • Highest quality guitars, amps and FX pedals
  • Electric and/or Acoustic guitars
  • DI guitars included
  • Wet and dry guitars included
  • Comping and Post processing included
  • All payments done through PayPal, safe and secure

How it works…

  • Fill in the form and tell me about the project
  • Together we work out exactly what you need from me
  • I record all the guitar parts you need for the project
  • I send you an MP3 so you can hear them for yourself
  • I make any changes that you want and send you a new MP3
  • I send the finished, high quality WAV and other files to you
  • You add the guitars to your project
  • …easy!

“Everything he plays is amazing”

L M, 2020

“He takes an idea and expands it in to something spectacular.”

K L, 2019

“Nobody plays guitar like him!”

R C, 2017


Just drop me a message by filling in the form above. Be sure to tell me all about the project you need guitars for and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


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